Kitty Huisman
Miss Morbid Kitty
Kitty Huisman - Freelance Model

Miss Morbid Kitty

Kitty Huisman - Freelance Model


About Me

My name is Kitty Huisman. I began modeling under the name Miss Morbid Kitty in 2009.

My goal as an artist & model I want to share my story and help everyone feel more comfortable in their own skin. The human body is a work of art. The paths you choose in life mold and shape your body, your body is your life's work of art and every body is beautiful. Let's start a revolution! No more shall we beat ourselves up for the scars left by life's battles. Let's take charge and scream from the rooftops that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL

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Experienced in...

-Fashion, Glamour, Artistic nude, Pin-up, and Creative shoots in studio, outdoors and on-location
- Life drawing Modeling
-Runway Modeling
- Interactive Promotional Modeling
- Make up art, Hair Design, Special
Effects Make Up
-Digital Photo Enhancement/Photo-manipulation

Other Info

Dress Size 2
Piercings in lip,eyebrow,nipples,4 in right ear 2 in left all can be removed upon request
Surgical scars on left leg,I sometimes use a cane, I will NOT need it while shooting

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